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Retail Tenant Directory Online
Your number one source for comprehensive chain retailer information

Online access available anywhere


Subscriptions to RTDOnline gives you the power of prospecting using the internet anywhere, anytime and is accessed via the portal. Search the online database of nearly 5,400 retail chains using criteria such as:

• Desired square footage 
• States of operation, planned expansion or
   headquarters location 
• Number of stores
• Preferred type of center or co-tenant mix 
• Over 80 different retail categories
• Intuitive user friendly interface

Login to the online portal and in seconds you'll be able to search, compare and maximize information to your needs.


Find Tenants and Prospect Faster


Once you've compiled a list of the retailers you wish to prospect you can print out the detailed company profiles in that list and export contact information directly into Microsoft Excel™ for use in marketing campaigns.

We give you 100% verified information - directly from the retailers themselves - to contact these tenants -- address, phone and fax numbers, web site addresses and emails (where available), plus the names of over 16,000 retail executives, including the people responsible for site selection.

We also provide crucial information such as:

• Number of stores
• Desired square footage
• Preferred type of center
• Annual Sales
• Minimum frontage
• Desired lease length
• Demographic requirements 
• Expansion plans


Close Your Deals, Smarter and Faster


With the Retail Tenant Directory, WE do the research so YOU can focus on making deals. We thrive in the marketplace because our clients continue to realize the value in our ongoing efforts. We are here to serve you, and succeed with you no matter the size of your operation.

Discover why thousands of your colleagues and competitors have made RTDOnline the number one source for retail facts and leads.

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Thank You for taking the time to learn all about the Retail Tenant Directory Online.