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● What is the Retail Tenant Directory?
Retail Tenant Directory is an online subscription-based publication of Shopping Center Database Inc. that lists exclusive inside company details for the nearly 5,400 active retail chains in the U.S.

● How often is it updated?
Every year we verify and update each profile through direct company contact. And throughout the year our dedicated research team track the industry through the Internet, trade journals, newspapers, SEC filings, press releases and numerous other sources. We are currently making changes and updates to the data within the RTDOnline system on a weekly basis.

● Why is the Retail Tenant Directory no longer available in a book format?
While both the print and online versions contain all the vital facts, the online version offers speed, convenience, and functionality that the print format cannot match. The online version also allows you to export names and addresses for easy label-making capabilities and is updated on a weekly basis without increasing your cost while keeping the data up-to-date.

● How much information has changed since last year?
We don't count the number of changes we make from year to year, but every company profile has been updated with information given to us directly by the retailer. Financials have been updated for public companies, and expansion/remodel plans have been refreshed to reflect the next five years. Nearly a quarter of the leasing decision-makers changed jobs, new companies have been added and others no longer qualify due to divestiture or lack of expansion. You can reach over 16,000 key executives by name and title in real estate, leasing, marketing and finance for the 5,400 retailers in 80 different retail categories. We also include the number of new international units planned over the next five years. 

● Why only 5000 chains?
These 5,400 chains represent over 9,000 distinct operating names. Other companies use operating name counts as a way of inflating their numbers. More importantly, we track over 10,000 chains throughout the year, but we include only the most viable leasing prospects. Instead of giving you every one and two-store mom-and-pop operation that will most likely never open another location, we focus on growing chains and companies with four or more stores which are better business prospects. Our competitors' products include companies with less than four stores as well as franchisees with no real estate decision-making authority. We are also careful to include only those companies for which we were able to verify updated, accurate information, which means high-quality information you can depend on.

● Do you track franchisees?
The Retail Tenant Directory does not include any retailer that operates less than four company-owned locations in the U.S. We may profile franchisees/licensees of larger corporations if they own four or more locations, but most of our readers are looking to contact the franchisor (corporate headquarters) where the real estate decisions are made; very few franchisees have site selection authority.

● What kind of executives do you list?
There is at least one top executive (Owner, President, GM) and at least one Real Estate executive (or one identified as making site selection decisions). In most cases, there will also be between three and 20 additional functional contacts covering Construction, Marketing, Merchandising and Operations.

● How is Retail Tenant Directory better than other directories?
We can't speak on behalf of anyone else's research, but we can tell you that we have an excellent reputation for accuracy. Every year we verify and update each profile through direct company contact. Throughout the year our dedicated research team track the industry through the Internet, trade journals, newspapers, SEC filings, press releases and numerous other sources. We built our reputation on the accuracy of our data and we are constantly hard at work maintaining that reputation.

● How much does it cost?
A one-year, single -user subscription is $995 the initial year and includes all states including Canadian companies operating in the US. If you decide to renew the following year, the cost is $895. If you would like to add additional users to a subscription the cost begins at $300 each.  Corporate pricing for entire organizations and multiple office locations is also available. A subscription to RTDOnline allows you full access to all of the information in our retailer database (powered by the Retail Tenant Directory) for nearly 5,400 companies in the United States. Get detailed profile information on a retail chain including preferred GLA, location type, co-tenant preferences, targeted expansion area, and much more.  (Click here to see an actual profile.) 

● Is it available on CD?
The Retail Tenant Directory is no longer available on CD. Because of the similarity to the functionality with the online version and its lack of update capabilities we have discontinued producing this product.

● Are there any changes planned for the system in the future?
Redevelopment on the system has already begun. This will bring new features and functionality to an already  outstanding system. Shopping Center Database Inc. invites any additional feedback regarding these improvements to enhance the user experience for our online community.

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